Discover more about the history of DEN

Deaf Empowering Network launched in June 2023, prior to this CEO Craig Jones ran a very successful Interpreting and PA Services called Rare Rockets.

Deaf Empowering Network is an evolution of Rare Rockets.

The idea for Rare Rockets came about in 2019, when the business direction of the already established CJ Interpreting started to change, the organisation was growing in response to demand and the vision of founder and CEO Craig Jones. It took 4 months and lots of discussions with the marketing team to find the perfect name for the new organisation and it was well worth the blood, sweat and tears, as Rare Rockets, epitomises everything we do and stand for.

Since the launch Rare Rockets has gone from strength to strength, across all departments, providing a reliable, reputable and most importantly accessible service to Deaf and Hearing communities across the North East.

The team has grown significantly with the addition of an Operations Manager, Business Development Manager and Community Service Team Leader and recognition as already been achieved through Charity Status being awarded in May of 2022, along with the organisation being nominated for its first award, Newcomer of the Year.

As Deaf Empowering Network continues to respond to the demand of our clients, we are seeing the development of the Training Division with more and more BSL courses being delivered, along with Deaf Awareness Sessions to individuals and companies across our region. We are also excited to see our In-vision department grow, with more and more organisations recognising the need to deliver messages in BSL.