British Sign Language Interpreteting

Interpreters, Translators and Lipspeakers

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign Language Interpreters transfer the meaning from one spoken or signed language into another signed or spoken language. Our highly experienced interpreters use their skill and knowledge in both languages, combined with their understanding of diverse cultural differences between those for whom they are interpreting, to enable effective communication between all parties involved.


Lipspeakers repeat spoken messages for people who can lipread. They can be used to ensure clear communication in critical situations, or in situations where there is more than one voice to follow. Lipspeakers use facial expression, natural gesture and fingerspelling to support communication.

Sign Language Translators

Sign Language Translators translate written text from one language into another. Most often this will be written English into a signed language for the purposes of broadcasting or web access.


Notetakers produce an accurate summary record of speech, which a deaf person may use for reference.

Speech to Text Reporters

Speech to Text Reporters take words that are said and use a phonetic keyboard to show them instantly on a monitor or screen. They provide a complete transcription of spoken words and include notes of environmental sounds, like laughter and applause.

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