Learn more about helping DEN fundraise

There are hundreds of ways of fundraise for DEN both large and small. Whether you choose to take part in a local event or create your own fundraiser, its completely up to you! you can ask friends, family and work colleagues, class mates etc to support, be involved, help and to donate.

Fundraising can be done in a group or as an individual – for example you may be in a swimming group that chooses to organise a mile swim or a running group that runs from one destination to another.
Lots of companies organise and host races throughout the year so participating in a race or organised event of your choice at a level that you choose is a great way to raise money.

Charity Walk – If running isn’t your thing, then you might think about a sponsored walk. Sponsored walks are a great way for you to get together with a few friends and plan your route, track your progress with an app and raise some funds. If can even be an overnighter with a wild camping as part of the plan!

Here are a few more fundraising ideas!

Remember to TAG us on all your social posts and make the posts public. This will enable and all our supporters as well as your friends and family the opportunity to support you. Try and include pictures in your posts as that will increase your engagement.

If you would like to fundraise for DEN or would like further advice, please do get in touch –

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